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There are many reasons why Quick & Clean, Inc. is the best all-around cleaning service. Our team at Quick & Clean, Inc. can clean your hard floors and carpet in addition to offering janitorial services. Our customers know they can count on us for competitive rates, thorough cleaning services and flexible appointments.

Stripping & Waxing

  • VCT Tile Flooring
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning

Although hardwood floors, stone, vinyl and linoleum can be durable, they require proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and shine. Over time the buildup of wax or other floor finishes, will give your hard floors a dull look. No matter how hard you clean and scrub you just can’t get that dullness to go away. So if you’re in need of floor stripping services, you can trust our team to get the job done right.

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Floor Stripping & Waxing Process

If you own or manage an office building, retail outlet or warehouses in Tallahassee, there’s a good chance that your floor is made of VCT. If so, Quick & Clean, is here to maintain your floor’s surface quality, feel and aesthetic.

First we’ll carefully clear the floor of any items that can reasonably be moved. Next, we will thoroughly vacuum you floors to remove dirt and grit. A tough, effective stripping solution will be applied. We’ll use our stripping machines to work the solution into old layers of wax to dissolve them. The stripping solution and old wax are then completely removed. The floor is thoroughly rinsed to remove any residue. Patience is a virtue. Your floor is allowed to dry completely. A sealer is applied which will fill in pores and cracks and create a surface that is ready to accept wax. Last, 2-3 coats of a superior quality floor finish is applied. After the floor is completely dry, furnishings will be carefully replaced as they were found. Once this beautiful baseline is created, cleaning and maintaining is a cinch!

You can have Quick & Clean, Inc. provide floor cleaning to vacuum and mop the floors regularly to keep them clean.

Other Commercial Floor Maintenance Services Provided:

  • Spray Buffing: Recommended every one week to three months depending on the volume of traffic in your building and proximity of your building to street level dirt and grime. We’ll spray on a wax solution to maintain a clean gloss finish. This will not only keep your VCT floors beautiful, but will protect your flooring investment and make cleaning them easy.
  • Top Coating: Recommended to extend the life of your floor finish, top coating is done by vacuuming and mopping thoroughly, and then applying an additional coat of floor finish. This is often done quarterly and can help you to extend your full strip/wax job for up to 18-20 months.

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